ADA Service Request and Complaint Procedure


The County of Sacramento does not discriminate on the basis of disability in admission to, access to, or operations of its programs, services, activities and facilities. The County's Disability Compliance Program is responsible for investigation of public co​mplaints of discrimination under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act [28 C.F.R. § 35.107] and other federal and state laws and regulations. Accordingly, this Complaint Investigation Process has been established to mirror the US Department of Justice's investigation process for addressing public complaints.

Service Requests

Individuals who need a modification or accommodation to a program, service, or activity of the County of Sacramento may complete an Online Disability Access Complaint/Assistance Form or submit the MS Word Form to either the specific department's ADA Coordinator or the County's ADA Coordinator.

Requests or complaints relating specifically to Sidewalks (new) or Curb Ramps ( can be directed to the Department of Transportation: Thomas Cassera,​ or (916) 876-7041.

Informal Complaint Process

If you feel the County has not responded satisfactorily to your request, you may contact the County's ADA Coordinator by phone, email, or mail to advise the County of any accessibility problems, need for accommodation or request for service.

Cori A. Stillson, Ph.D.                                                Disability Compliance Office
Manager, EEO/Disability Compliance,                       Department of Personnel Services
Countywide ADA Coordinator                                    9310 Tech Center Drive
(916) 874-7642 | TDD: (916) 874-7467                      Sacramento, CA 95826
Fax: (916) 874-7132                                                  Mail Code: 61-120A​

Formal Complaint Process​

If informal efforts to remedy accessibility or services issues are not successful, formal complaints should be addressed in writing, by email, to the ADA Coordinator within the Disability Compliance Office (DCO). The Online Disability Access Complaint/Assistance Form or the MS Word Form may be used. If assistance is needed to file the complaint, contact the Disability Compliance Office or the ADA Coordinator.

A Disability Access Complaint/Assistance Form should be filed with DCO, within 60 days from the date a complainant becomes aware of a problem.

After receipt of a complaint, notice of receipt will be sent to a complainant, within five (5) business days.

DCO, a Departmental ADA Coordinator or another authorized representative will begin an investigation into the merits of the complaint, within 60 days. (Direct contact with a complainant may be necessary to obtain additional facts or documentation relevant to the complaint. A complainant who does not wish to be personally contacted should indicated such on the Disability Access Complaint/Assistance Form.

DCO, a Departmental ADA Coordinator, or another authorized representative will prepare a written decision after full consideration of the complaint merits, no later than 75 days following the receipt of the complaint.

After a written decision finalizes, a copy will be sent to the complainant, no later than five (5) days. If not prepared by DCO, a copy of the written decision will also be provided to DCO.

If a complainant is dissatisfied with a written decision, the complainant may file a written appeal with the Director of Personnel Services, or with the County's ADA Coordinator, no later than 30 days from the decision. (An appeal must contain a statement for reasons why the complainant is dissatisfied with a written decision, and must be signed by the complainant, or by someone authorized to sign on the complainant's behalf. A notice of receipt will be sent to the complainant, within five (5) days of the receipt of the appeal. The appeal will be acted upon, no later than 60 days after receipt, and a copy of the written decision will be sent to the complainant, no later than five (5) days after preparation of the decision. The decision of the appeal reviewer will be final.)

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________​The EEO Officer and the Director of Personnel Services shall maintain the confidentiality of all files and records relating to complaints filed, unless disclosure is authorized or required by law. Any retaliation, coercion, intimidation, threat, interference or harassment for the filing of a complaint, or used to restrain a complainant from filing, is prohibited and should be reported immediately to the EEO Officer/ADA Coordinator.