Workers Compensation

Workers' Compensation Division
P.O. Box 276130
Sacramento, CA 95827
(916) 876-5251
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This Office lawfully administers workers’ compensation benefits in an equitable manner that reflects and demonstrates our respect for the employee.


Our mission is to promote the concept that each employee is a valued member of the workforce; to provide workers’ compensation benefits in an timely manner to employees injured on the job; and to return injured workers to suitable, gainful employment by:

  • Providing workers’ compensation benefits per legislative mandates, County ordinance and applicable statutes.
  • Providing quality medical care, thereby limiting costs and litigation.
  • Assisting injured employees in returning to work as soon as medically permissible.
  • Administering the program with care; providing information to injured employees; and treating all parties with fairness, courtesy and respect.
  • Establishing and maintaining ​a level of awareness within the County’s departments while promoting the following: involvement in timely reporting; return to work via early return to work program, modified or alternative work, or vocational rehabilitation; and an understanding of responsibilities and interactions with Safety, Americans with Disability Act, Retirement, and other programs.
  • Providing ongoing training and education to the workers’ compensation unit, to promote professional development and greater efficiency and awareness of legislative change.


To accomplish our mission and realize our vision, we will:

  • Treat all customers with dignity, respect and empathy.
  • Administer codes, rules and regulations with consistency, objectivity and fairness.
  • Work to improve our interpersonal communication skills.
  • Respond to customer needs in a compassionate, courteous and timely manner.
  • Manage caseloads in a proactive manner.

Telephone Numbers:

The Workers' Compensation General Office phone number is (916) 876-5251.

The fax phone number is (916) 876-5157. 

To Obtain Workers' Compensation Forms from County General Services Central Stores use the form numbers listed in Workers Compensation Form Numbers.

Workers' Compensation Office Forms:

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