Risk Management

Risk Management Office
P.O. Box 276130
Sacramento, CA 95827
Phone:  (916) 876-5251   Fax:  (916) 876-5156
E-m​ail:  DPSPropCaus@SacCounty.gov​

​It is our mission to effectively manage risk and the impact of liability and property losses through the use of self-insurance, excess insurance, specialized insurance policies, contractual risk transfer and the effective, timely handling of claims.

Risk Management Operations

Sacramento County is self-insured for liability claims, with a self-insured retention (S.I.R.) of $2 million.  The County also purchases excess Liability Insurance to cover claims above the S.I.R.  The Self-insured Liability Claims Program is overseen and administered by the Risk Management Office, within the Department of Personnel Services.  George Hills Co. is the County's Third-Party Administrator (TPA) for liability claims.

Sacramento County utilizes pooled and group insurance purchasing programs for certain coverages including property, boiler and machinery, aircraft, airport operations and pollution liability.  The Risk Management Office also purchases a Property Insurance policy for County-owned property, and administers all claims against the policy. 

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