Risk Management

Filing a Claim Against the County of Sacramento

The County of Sacramento is a self-insured public entity, which operates its claims program in accordance with regulations that are set forth in the Government Code of the State of California.  With self-insurance, an organization pays for its losses with its own resources.  Since Sacramento County is self-insured, you are strongly urged to read all instructions and make yourself aware of the rules and regulations that apply to submitting a claim against a public entityIf you do not comply with the requirements, your claim may be returned as insufficient​ (see CA Government Code 910.8).

Step 1:   Obtain a Claim Form in one of the following ways:

  • Fillable PDF form
  • E-mail us
  • Call Risk Management at (916) 876-5023 or (916) 876-5022
  • Submit your request in writing to: Risk Management, P.O. Box 276130, Sacramento, CA  95827

 Step 2:   Submit your Claim Form to the Clerk, Board of Supervisors:

         County of Sacramento, Clerk - Board of Supervisors
         700 H Street, Room 2450
         Sacramento, CA 95814
         Phone:  (916) 874-5411

        Driving & Parking Directions

NOTE:  In most cases you have 6 months from the date of loss to submit your claim.  However, since you must comply with the time requirements set forth in Government Code section 911.2, we recommend that you read those guidelines.

What happens after I submit my claim to the Clerk, Board of Supervisors?

View a flowchart​ that explains what happens to your claim form after you submit it to the Clerk, Board of Supervisors. 

Who is George Hills Co.?

George Hills Co. is the County of Sacramento's Third-Party Liability Claims Administrator.  If you submit a claim against the County of Sacramento, one of their adjusters will be assigned to investigate your claim.  They are an authorized agent for the County of Sacramento, and have been serving as the County's liability claims administrator since 1993.  Once you have submitted your claim and been issued a claim number, you may call George Hills Co. at (916) 859-4800 with any questions pertaining to your claim.​

My car was damaged when it hit a pothole. Can I submit a claim for that?

You may submit a claim for damage caused by a pothole, but please be aware that since January 1, 2000 the County of Sacramento has only settled approximately 9​.3% of pothole claims.  For more information about the Liability of Public Entities for Dangerous Conditions of Public Property, please refer to California Government Code Section 835​​​.